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A few weeks after Meg Morley's well-received debut solo piano release, Through the Hours (March 2017), she formed a trio with British bass player Richard Sadler and Italian drummer Emiliano Caroselli to record an album of her original music in London. The three discovered a musical affinity whilst briefly working together in 2014 on MIA Panboola's album Searching not Finding - which also featured some of Morley's compositions.


A sense of fun and quirkiness shared between the three musicians is apparent throughout the debut album perhaps originating from their individual backgrounds: Morley is a classically-trained pianist/composer, primarily improvising for dance and silent film whilst also playing jazz; the prodigiously self-taught Sadler is proficient in various musical styles, performing with an impressive range of musicians (e.g. Sam Kelly - Cymande; Ray Davies - the Kinks; Neil Cowley Trio; ISQ); and the remarkably sensitive and virtuosic Caroselli is strongly immersed in the 'jazz' tradition performing with musicians such as Quentin Collins, Andrew McCormack, Marco Marconi etc. Caroselli is also influenced by pop, rock and Cuban music (after having lived and studied in Havana for three years).


Can't Get Started opens with the rhythmically intriguing title track then moves to the deeply reflective D.C.M.. It changes tack again with the dynamically exciting and impressionistic Rush Hour (also on Morley's EP but transformed here for the trio setting) then onto the forthright and somewhat farcical Polly (Part 1). Morley's classical background clearly reveals itself in the tune Caged, resulting in a modern, spacious and contemplative yet dynamic study. Overall the album displays a rich variety of tunes (all composed by Morley) which, combined with the players' exceptional musicianship and sense of interplay, make for an extremely engaging listen.


Aside from Rush Hour (originally composed for Morley's EP), the tunes for Can't Get Started were intensively written and rehearsed over a period of three months, and recorded over two separate days at Smokehouse Studios in East London. The album was successfully self-released on July 31, followed by glowing reviews (e.g. in All About JazzThe Jazz Mann) and was launched at The Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, on 23 February 2018.


Morley is also a rising star in the silent film world and has involved the trio on this journey: in 2018 they toured and recorded Morley’s commissioned score for the British Film Institute’s Marvelous Mabel Normand project and have performed a large number of live improvised scores for various silent films festivals and institutions around the UK.

31 July 2017 CD Baby (Also on Bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes)



23 February The Vortex Jazz Club, Dalston, London