IMprovising for DANCE CLASS

Dancer: Rose Alice

Dancer: Rose Alice


"Meg has skill and imagination and she is able to tell a story. She is certainly one of the very best accompanists I've had the pleasure to work with"

[Cynthia Harvey]


"What l love about Meg playing for class is her versatility.  From her fluid tones as the class begins through to the powerful dynamics in the allegro her music almost seems to carry the dancers"

[Liz Alpe]


"Meg has the ability to fill a room with warmth, inspiration and soul. She has the unique ability to enhance a dancers performance by becoming completely in sync with the emotional and physical happenings in the studio or stage. She is one in a million!"

[Rose Alice]


Meg Morley has been playing piano for ballet and contemporary dance classes since 2004 when she started working with The Australian Ballet School. From 2011-2017 she was a full-time pianist with English National Ballet School and is now a resident musician/composer for London Contemporary Ballet Theatre and working extensively with various dance companies (including Rambert at Sadler's Wells, Matthew Bourne's Cinderella Company, Royal Ballet). The years of playing for dance have vastly developed her skills as a musician - particularly as an improviser and as a collaborator, working closely with movement and music, dancers and choreographers.


Electronic track created for choreographer Nuno Campos

Piano score created for student choreographer Dan Myers